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 THIS IS A SAMPLE - we will publish up to TWO member photos of each of your trophy deer, turkey, fish or any other wild game.


Include your NAME (or family member's name), YOUR member ID NUMBER and any other info such as how and where you, your spouse, child or parent or other RELATIVE bagged the game.  

(We will NOT publish your ID number - the number is for the webmaster to check member rosters to ensure this is limited to members & family members ONLY - ANY family member whether or not they are members.)


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2015 Trophies

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Archer, Tommy Dickey bagged

this 12 point trophy buck!  The photo is

on a PA Game page.

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Carmen Petronio
12-5-15 a doe at 10:05 am
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Carmen Petronio
5 point at 7:35 a.m. 12-5-15
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Mike McCoy caught this fish on 8 Aug '15 at Moraine State Park.

2014 Trophies

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Member Dale Montag's oldest son took this spike buck on 6 December in Butler with a .270 Remington.

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Member Dale Montag's youngest son took his "half-rack" buck on 1 December in Butler also, with a Mossberg Youth .243.

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Dale Montag took his doe with a .50 cal Thompson Center flintlock during muzzleloader season in Butler.

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Mike Petronio submitted thes pictures of his daughter & son who bagged their deer on the first day of the season!


Madaline and Carmen.

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Madaline Petronio took this 4 point at 8:20 a.m., the first day in Indiana, PA with a 6mm Remington 700

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Carmen Petronio got his 3 point at 2:20 p.m., also on the first day in Indiana, PA with a 7mm-08 Remington 700.




  • Name or family member's name - for MINORS indicate if you do NOT want their name published.
  • Brand & caliber of rifle/shotgun/muzzleloader, bow or crossbow.
  • Where the game was harvested.