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Ted Cousins has been a Hunter Safety Instructor for over 25 years!  He was recently recognized for his long time service, and dedication to teaching hunters (especially youth) safe hunting practices.












On behalf of Summit Township Sportsman's Club, John Snyder accepts a PA Game Commission certificate of appreciation for the club's support of the Hunting & Hunter-Trapping Education Course.

I had  everything planned and had told my wife I would not be going to
church  with her on Sunday. My wife reminded me that Sunday was the Sabbath Day and hunting a trophy buck should not be part of the Sabbath.

1.     I scouted the area all  summer.
2.     I searched  out the best location for my  tree-stand.
3.     I set it  all up a month ahead of  time.
4.     I trailed the  herd.
5.     I picked out a  trophy buck.
6.    Two  days before opening day I rechecked every aspect of the 
7.     Everything was  in place.
8.     Sunday  morning, I woke up at 2  am.
9.     I put on my  camo, loaded my pack, set out for my  stand.
10.   This was  destined to be an epic  hunt.
11.   As I  approached my deer stand.

I  called my wife and told her I had decided not to hunt on the  Sabbath and would meet her at church. The Sunday sermon was  entitled "The Lord Works In Mysterious Ways  ".

Club News

The article below, appeared in both the Butler Eagle, and the PA Bar Association's publications - online and in print.  


A hearty congratulations to Mike Pater, our NRA Certified Firearms Instructor, and one of STS' Directors.


HARRISBURG (Feb. 28, 2014) - The Pennsylvania Bar Association presented County Bar Recognition Awards during the 48th Annual Seminar of the Conference of County Bar Leaders, Feb. 27 - March 1, at The Nittany Lion Inn, State College. Twenty-five county bar associations in Pennsylvania were honored this year for sponsoring projects that improve the legal profession, justice system and community. The awards, which are non-competitive in nature, are presented annually by the Pennsylvania Bar Association.

"Our communities and legal professionals benefit greatly from the thousands of voluntary hours that hardworking lawyers invest each year into local programs and services,"said Forest N. Myers. "We are proud to acknowledge their efforts and encourage even more legal professionals to take part in the ongoing good works of the organized bar."


Butler County Bar Association: "Think Like a Bad Guy"Program, Coffee with the Judges, Children and Youth Backpack Program.

Source: PA Bar Association, and Butler Eagle.

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The shotgun target is for patterning your shotgun!

PLEASE - do NOT use it to just blow holes in it!

A sheet of backing is too expensive for such stupidity!

30 Day Cash Bash - WINNERS
Full list of 2012 Cash Bash Winners
30 Days Cash Bash008.pdf
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THE TOYS FOR TOTS program, coordinated by Mike Mills (Trap Shooters), proved to be an excellent success.  Mike suggested that the endeavor be a full club activity and not just the Trap Shooters, so beginning this year, the Toys for Tots program will be a total club activity. 


You can donate TODAY and EVERYDAY the club hall is open! There's a donation box beside the pop machine.



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Dave and Fred get lost

One day Dave and Fred were Deer Hunting, and they got lost. Dave tells Fred "wait, don't panic I learned what to do in case this happens.  Your supposed to shoot up into the air three times and someone will here you and come with help,"
"Okay" said Fred. So he shoots three times into the air. They both wait an hour and no one shows up. So they shoot three times again and still no one shows up. Bewildered they try this again and again for the next couple of hours.
Fred starts to look worried, then says, "It better work this time! We're down to our last three arrows!"

A REAL Skeet Gun!
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