The Club


One of the club's primary purposes, is to protect our hunting and trapping rights.  Since its founding our club continues to welcome new members year after year.  Due to the range of activities ... firearms, arhery, and fishing ... the outdoor sports abilities of our members' needs continue to be improved.  We emphasize safety at all times, and work hard to provide safe, well maintained facilities for our members and guests.


We also host safety and firearms training as well, and we have a modern, up-to-date banquet hall suitable for receptions, parties or other similar activities.  Guests will find our facilities to be clean and reasonably priced.

Our officers are elected by the membership, and work hard on behalf of every member, and for the betterment of the club, and the advancement firearms safety and sports.







                Chuck Montag





      Willie Adams



Treasurer: Bill Schmidt

Recording Secretary: Kelly Kramlich

Membership Secretary: Jeffrey Kramlich



Directors                            PRESIDENT EMERITUS: John Snyder

   Jack Montag

   George Schawl

   Gary Miller

   Gene McLaughlin

   David Grossman

   Karen Walker